A Journey Between Dreams


Triptych photo art print by Sharon Jane D. Size 21 x 30 cm Fine Art Print.
About this art work Sharon shares: ‘voor deze bijzondere samenwerking koos ik beelden uit mijn persoonlijke archief, geschoten op Cuba en in Marseille. Het drieluik draagt de symboliek van verbinding, hoop en dromen in zich.’

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Art print selected by Kelly Wearstler for Harper’s Bazaar

“Sharon’s photographs have a soul. She captures moments in her own special way, bringing life to everyday forms. The result is a delicate interplay of black and white tones punctuated by vibrant accents of colour. By doing this, she takes the visual story to a higher level, making all her work extremely captivating.”

— Kelly Wearstler

A Journey Between Dreams

Sourced from the personal archives of Sharon Jane D, A Journey Between Dreams, is a triptych with images made in Cuba and Marseille. Together, the three images symbolise unity, allowing for hopes and pastel coloured dreams.

Triptych Fine Art Print, size 21 x 30 cm. Orders can be placed till 30th October. Shipping will be in the week of November 6th

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Through muted colours and a sharp eye for detail, visual artist Sharon Jane D manages to make the mundane extraordinary. Sharon Jane developed a strong visual language early in her career, helping brands such as Daily Paper and Manusama Nuance grow with her singular photography and art direction. Since then, Sharon Jane has worked with various brands, artists and institutes, besides a large body of autonomous work that shows her love for nature and spirituality.